Hocus Focus: What Magicians can teach VR (Video Presentation)

Like VR creators, magicians tell interactive stories in front of a live audience in a 360-degree space where anything can happen, and where the need to direct the audience’s attention is critical to the experience. There are many connections between magic and VR, during this talk, we share a few high-level strategies and insights to develop a potentially powerful new visual vocabulary for VR. Enjoy.

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The extended team: Joseph Lim, Karin Soukup, Gary Hustwit, Diana Diroy and Adaora Udoji. The mysterious comms designer at GoogleNews Labs UK that made my deck a little bit more snazzy, I will be forever grateful to you stranger.

The Magicians: Jeff McBride, Jerry Lazar, Tim Robbins, Peter Samelson, Robert Ramirez, Jim Steinmeyer.

The VR experts that we consulted: Cassidy Curtis, Mike Wood, Jessica Brillhart, Jan Pinkava, Senain Kheshgi, Maya Hawke, Sam Green, Chris Smith, Celine Tricart

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