Not another passwords manager. UNLOQ a better security

Nowadays, there is an increasing concern about data and identity security due to high-profile hacking incidents. Unchanged over the past 30 years, the identification-authentication system has caused, users and companies alike, serious challenges in maintaining their digital assets protected. As technology has been lagging behind, hackers develop more sophisticated methods by which to perform fraudulent activities.

Despite the increasing number of major breaches in the headlines, most users still use poor password practices. On the other hand, implementing efficient security systems can be costly for the average user and thus leading to an increasing number of identity theft cases. UNLOQ is a suitable innovative security solution that aims at replacing the need for remembering passwords altogether, while providing a secure authentication system.

The UNLOQ Freemium plan

Crafted with care by developers for developers, UNLOQ is a recently launched app that pairs with the user’s digital properties to allow full control over its access. In a nutshell, use the UNLOQ app to confirm or deny access to multiple digital accounts. Simple, easy and free!

Designed for users and companies alike, UNLOQ is available on AppStore and Google Play and can benefit users with limited Internet connection, as they can log in using time-based one-time password or email. UNLOQ can easily be implemented as a plug-in on WordPress properties and plug-ins for e-Commerce websites and other CMS systems will soon be available.

High performance and security

In the near future, UNLOQ aims at developing several premium features for companies operating in industries prone to security risks. Here are a few of the premium features that are under development: log-analytics, priority support, user notifications and IP restrictions, custom design and so much more!