Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

I don’t come to a sophisticated place like Medium to read Feminist rantings that warn of the all-mighty Patriarchy (trap the guy into Fatherhood then! Lob a false accusation of sexual abuse at him — even when proved innocent, his life ruined but you’ll have had your jollies — and will never be held accountable— deny him due process, use the 238 laws that have already been passed to insure that it’s the Matriarchy that’s in control) — do ANY OF THAT but don’t make me read about the unpleasantness of having to ‘suck dick’ at the end like it’s some disjointed “50 Shades of Me and My pet peeves” Cosmo article. This was so distasteful it tinged to reputation of an otherwise clearinghouse of ideas like Medium. And yes, I’ve ‘checked’ my white male privilege and last time I looked women are still exercising their double ‘rights’ to take off more unpaid time at work and still complain that they are being paid less. If any platform should know by now how those figures are skewered and patently FALSE, it would be Medium, not no… Feel free to barge into our locker rooms, rest rooms and hearts, plant you festering misgivings at having to ‘perform’ a function that’s so pleasurable for women that they can experience multiple orgasms and just pretend that’s another ploy by the Patriarchy to ‘trick’ you somehow and never forget that women have ‘choices’ and men have ‘responsibilities’ and use that however you need to to convince yourself you’re doing the right thing. And don’t forget to show this article to your children and grandchildren, they should all be proud of the classless way you chose to ‘drive your point home.’ Sucking dick. I’ll be surprised if my comment isn’t censored even though you can say anything you want to. Oh and make sure women make up a totally equal showing in garbage collection while you’re at it.

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