Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

The comments on this piece about Ryan Lochte say far more about the readers on Medium than anything else. And I for one, am shocked at the number of die hard Trump supporters who would rather NOT be distracted by anything this most unpresidential of all presidential candidates says or does. Nor do they want nor care to discuss the Olympics, Lochte, any of it. For the first year or so I’ve been getting and reading material on Medium, it felt as if I were in the company of Upper West Side, hip denizens of the blogosphere and now, for the first time, I feel surrounded by a crowd I don’t particularly care for, those uneducated, lower class whites who are supposed to be Trump’s base. I’m glad he wrote this article, exactly as is, for now I understand who most of you must be and if you feel you must slap this author upside the head for one sentence that sounded perfectly reasonable to me, it’s as if I’m back on he Huffington Post (pre-facebook days) where they do nothing but sling mud and provide no proof or links and blindly follow some idiot because they believe in the negative propaganda spewed out by their ‘hero’. Thanks but no thanks, I’m with the party that knows HOW to be the president and isn’t running around asking why we can’t just nuke any country that disagrees with us. I feel like I need a shower.

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