This is a brilliant piece and I can totally empathise with so much of it.
Jon Young

Thank you Jon! I really appreciate your feedback and bringing your own experience to the table. You are probably to a large extent right in the research part.

My thinking has been that there are benefits to cutting down on meat slowly and over a longer period of time… and hence be doing the research as you do this, also learning about what you like and how you respond to the food. I see this as a way of removing the perceived obstacle of doing a ton of research before you can even get into the game. So a bit of research every now and then as you go along and the questions come naturally would make it feel less like cramming for an exam.

If a person goes from a meat dominated diet to no meat overnight I can see how this has a higher risk of failure than a longer transition. And I do agree with you that one needs to know about what a balanced diet free of meat encompasses.

I certainly encourage, for the curious, to try things like 30-day vegan challenges and the like. These menus are often very well thought-out and balanced to make sure your body gets what it needs, and will give people a sense of what it’s all about.

I guess my research segment was also sort of a jab at the broader perception of meat-eaters not having to do research to ensure long-term health benefits. ;)

Thanks for sharing your article, Jon. I’m heading on over to read it now.