Digital Marketing can be overwhelming…

…But it doesn’t have to be, nor should it.

I’ve worked in marketing for almost 10 years. Beginning as an intern for an entertainment company eventually leading to directing campaigns for some of the biggest artists and brands in the world. When starting a campaign back in the infancy of social media, we would have to come up with ways to beat the system or “hacks” to get numbers up. Those new platforms had the ability to share content from peer to peer extremely quickly and the concept of “going viral” was what every major brand was chasing (and still are).

While going viral is amazing, it’s also not a calculated formula. What Concrete Strategy does for it’s clients is set each building block of your digital strategy. Instilling a proper targeting method for more leads to your business, re-targeting from website to socials to make sure you continue to approach new potential customers or fans.

Creating landing pages to convert specific goals and metrics you’re looking to achieve as a company. Building & segmenting E-mail/SMS lists to create new audiences to increase your companies ROI, building an ever-growing target audience that can make you passive income through automations.

So in short, marketing can be overwhelming, but isn’t if you build the right foundation and implement some of these tactics above. On March 1st, I’ll have my first e-course available here ->, Take Control: Grow & Monetize Your Audience YOURSELF.

- Axe