Augusta Developer Hacktoberfest #6

Contribute to Open Source with 5 Pull Requests

Holy moly can’t believe that it has been 6 months of meetups! There has been so much that has happened. In this time I have joined team as the code boot camp instructor. We are planning a developer conference. Our community is building strong foundations, and I think that we are building some of the coolest stuff yet. This month of October was Hacktoberfest, which was put on by Digital Ocean, Github, and Twilio. This event really sparked a whole bunch of great interest in the community for development.

This meetup was a little different than most meetups. This one was focused on building for the Open Source Community. Most people were focused on getting their 5 pull requests in. The Digital Ocean team was sending out free shirts for people who could submit 5 pull requests.

This led to a completely different dynamic than what we had previously experienced. Usually during each meetup the first hour would be filled with talks. These talks have ranged from crazy chaos driven dev ops practices, to automation software, to computer vision. This night on the other hand had turned into people working on projects. Our sponsor was even working! App Vizo’s president made a Github account and submitted a PR that night on a dictionary app, which was pretty cool. I think it is great to have a community that pulls interest and talent that really takes part in the group.

I think the style of the meetup is going to move towards just working on stuff together. To be honest it takes a lot of energy to work on a lot of aspects of this meet up by myself. Jamie Introcaso has been such a huge help planning the conference and with the Augusta Developer that I felt like he needed a particular shout out.

The next Augusta Developer is going to be focused on projects. We have a website that we have barely worked on. We have a conference in April to organize. Some of that ground work has been laid, but there is a lot more to do. I’m really excited to see what is going to happen this next month and how it is going to look when there are no talks. Will someone step up?