Augusta Developer (Open Mic Night) 5

Schuster Braun
Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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This month was a story of trust. We as a group closed our eyes and just went for it. Sometimes it is important to dream big. An open mic night is such a cool idea because people can talk about what it is they are passionate about. The scary part is that you don’t know what is going to happen. In my opinion the best thing happened, and that was that the talks sparked discussion, debate and education.

The first presenter was Jamie Introcaso of Power Serve and organizer of Tech Talk Augusta, who showed off his app developed (alongside David Ray), at an Augusta Developer hangout. The TMD project is a Python app that monitors the opening and closing of a Z-Wave device, which reports to Slack.

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Thane talking about the chip AppVizo used to capture motion

The next presenter was Thane Plummer, president of AppVizo. Thane not only presented an amazing project, but was also the sponsor for this week’s meetup. He pulled out all the stops and brought some really awesome pizza and drinks. Thane presented a motion capture project his company did that was developed to assist in monitoring physical therapy patient progress. It was really cool to see the entire development process from start to finish of a full physical and digital product looked like.

Third we had Robert, our resident prodigy who has finally finished developing the last level to his game, which he showed us. We all can’t wait until it is released so that we can play it.

Next was Ivy Brown who talked about her website that she is building. It is a beautifully designed site dedicated to fiber work (i.e. crochet/knitting stuff). It was beautifully built and I am pretty sure there are going to be some really cool designs built directly into the site.

We can skip the next presenter (because it was me). I have been playing around on So I made a super insecure PHP connection to a local MySQL database with plans to make different levels of security.

Last but not least was Bowe Strickland. Bowe is an awesome programmer who works at Red Hat and co-works at The Clubhouse. He showed us a really cool distributed messaging library called Zero MQ. He explained a bunch of really cool stuff. His talk dived the deepest into any code base that has been presented at our group yet. He talked about sockets, asynchronous polling, spinning multiple servers for testing, I/O issues and so much more.

Needless to say that this meetup was one of a kind so far and I am so excited to see what cool stuff we can checkout for the future. I really wanted to thank App Vizo again for sponsoring, talking and really being a pillar of our community.

The next meetup’s theme will be Hacktoberfest (hint: find an open source project that inspires you). Stay tuned for updates. You can always find me on Twitter Schuster Braun.

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