Thankful Thursdays #1
Marc Marius Mueller

Wow, thank you very much for mentioning me. I’m very thankful myself for our conversations that are more than just talking shop, it’s always encouraging, inspiring and also kind of a lesson for myself. Some years back I’ve written an essay about “Design and Language” — and I’ve forgotten so many things I’ve written back then. our conversations have brought a lot of that back to life — and I learned more about design thanks to that.

I’m thankful for knowing you and our conversations. And you inspired me to write down some persons I am thankful for — I will follow up with more on this topic soon, because there are so many people we have to be thankful for.

  1. My family — for everything and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. I would have been lost so many times without all of you. And there will never be enough words to even get close to what you mean to me.
  2. Tanya — you know who you are. For those who not know her: Tanya Quintieri is one of the most encouraging and inspiring beings I’ve ever had the honor to met — and get to know. Her attitude towards life, her strenght but also her weakness have influenced and inspired me from the day we’ve met… and also helped me to develope myself as a person and designer.
  3. Dir en grey — yes a band. And yes, I never met these guys in person, but their music has always been an inspiration and motivation to walk the extra mile — even in a destructive sense.
  4. Wolfgang Sattler — not only a great interaction designer, but als my professor at the Bauhaus University. I own him a lot in terms of learning about design in general, interaction and what it means to think “design” — maybe the most important reason that in todays world I struggle a lot with what the “design community” is up to.
  5. Gerrit Baptist — another professor to whom I own the courage to turn my love for food into design project that walk the line between food & design. But even more important — he taught me how to question myself without destroying my own drive.
  6. Dribbble — or to be more precisely the people I’ve met there. Some of you I really treasure — and you know who you are. You gyus kept my wheel spinning, helped me with your feedback and to become better (at least i started to become a little better). You are truely awesome!
    Some of you I really don’t like, but even you have taught me lessons — about the meaning of staying positive even when poeple around you are hypocrites….
  7. The girl that broke my heart back in school, because my interest in art and design started with this experience….
  8. YOU, the reader, for your time.

There are so many more that should be mentioned here, but there is always another occasion to pay tribute to you.

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