I think the most impactful idea and action taken is from W.E.B Dubois because he deals with race relations. The fact that he received a PhD from Harvard and wanted to do more with it was very inspiring to others in the black community. Especially with the fact that racism is such a huge problem everywhere, especially in the United States even at this point in time, it is safe to say that he has put the idea of racism on a stage and represented it to everyone. He did extensive research and interviewed many black families to gather information about their life and their experiences. Personally, I think this is the most impactful because he was the first to really collect scientific data on this issue and write about it and make it known. In short, his ideas and research triggered the awareness of racism. In the video on W.E.B DuBois, it is mentioned that black Americans have trouble being black and American in their own country even though the United States is their country and they helped to build it. His research also proved that white people’s tales and entertainment were copied from the black community and weren’t given credit for. Another reason I think this is the most impactful is because as I learned from a text in my social injustice class, it said that people (usually white) do not think racism is an issue solely because it does not affect them, it does not apply to them, or they simply ignore it because it’s not their problem. That being said, I think DuBois’ beginning work allowed for researchers after him to find more, and understand society more. It allowed for certain problems with racism to be fixed, and allowed for our upcoming generations to be aware of it and not be racist.