The society I would like to go to is the agricultural society. Although I love our society of right now and think the advancement of technology and ideas is very beneficial to humans, I think the agricultural society because it seemed like such a free minded society because of the “huge explosion called culture”. People also didn’t have to work as hard for survival because of the idea of surplus. Because of this, art, music, and philosophy expanded and grew. 
This seems like a much better society because it was not too hectic or crazy or very competitive to survive and live in this society. As I stated before, surplus caused this society to be a freer minded society. I feel in our society now, we are burdened with the problems of competition for jobs, education, and social ranking. Being in the agricultural society would seem to be an easier and more relaxing time period. 
The alienation I have experienced in my life would be the alienation from the process of one’s labor, where “a worker does not control the conditions of her job because she does not own the means of production” (Openstax, 2016, pg. 82). This applies to my life because I have done a lot of volunteer work with carious supervisors whose standards for work are completely different. I had no control in my jobs because I was just a servant under the supervisors. Specifically, I had worked for a senior center and served the elderly lunch and dinner. There was such a specific way to tie my hair, wear the apron, serve the food, and a certain way to present it to those who came. The supervisors were very strict on how everything was presented and served. I just had to follow with the demands of the senior center. 
The statuses that I occupy in my life in the sense of ascribed statuses would be that I am a female, Filipino, a daughter, and a sister. These statuses are not in my control therefore they are ascribed statuses. My achieved statuses would be that I am a student in college, a biology/premed major, and an employee. These three statuses are achieved because I spent a lot of time in school to get to the point I am at right now. I went through the full primary and secondary education to get into college. I chose to go for the science path because it is a personal interest and passion. I am an employee as well because I chose to want to earn money so I don’t go hungry and to also learn how to be an adult out in the world.