The big chain of games

Staying motivated is key

I recently got hired at RTFKT and my blockchain interest got bigger and bigger. I also improved my algorithmic mind and my coding skills a lot.
This is a satisfying experience, I like getting smarter and more efficient lmao.
It really brought my motivation back so I put all the game servers back online at another provider then started to implement new features to my game like MetaMask wallet integration, messages signature and other very basic stuffs. ️💪

Last version of RPG Maker runs in JS with the PIXI library

Be big and decentralised to survive

Actually, my online game is developed under RPG Maker. I’ve always been using this software to realise tiny games (like a Pacman-like named Pacpoule lmao), sometimes without coding, only with simple sequence of instructions; I really believe that that kind of tools is really interesting because it allows anyone to tell a story without having to learn some dark coding principles.
Some people made fun of me because they say you cannot make good online games with this engine but they are just so wrong. Actually the biggest quality of this engine is its simplicity, and this will allow to design quite simple processes to develop my ideas. 👾
Starting from this and from my bad experience at OVH, I started thinking about gameplays, mechanisms and concepts that will be decentralised and I realised that it could be some fresh air for the gaming world to bring some well-known gameplays on the blockchain.

Gameplay demonstration (old and deprecated game build but nice demo)

Not a destructible sandbox

Starting from this idea, there’s new perspectives profiling in front of me.
It could be some kind of Decentralised Autonomous Organisation where anyone who has enough reward points (for achieving quests or success in the game) can decide and vote to modify or mandates some of the game’s rules or rates. This might be supported with a decentralised money. I really want to avoid making a cash shop.
Interesting I say but I must be cautious with that kind of mechanisms because I think that turning a whole project into a sandbox is a bad idea because a lot of projects got spoiled, totally ruined because of the trolls who totally break the economy on purpose.

But a mastered multiverse

A better idea that came to my mind was to allow people to just make their own world, their own maps aside of the existing ones.

Now kiss!

This is really exciting and I’m spending hours all day and all night to make my ideas come true.
For the moment I’m working hard on the server-side handling of the Action Battle System in order to obtain a Minimum Viable MMORPG to motivate more people to discover my project. 🏴‍☠️



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Hello ! I’m GameDev. I am the creator of EtheRPG Online ⚔️