Photographs from a scholar’s week in San José.

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Apple’s Esther Hare kicks off the orientation in Steve Jobs’ theatre

Anonymous buses took us to Apple Park and Steve Jobs’ theatre where Apple’s Esther Hare kicked off the orientation.

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A lit house in San José during nighttime taken from the car as we stopped and asked for directions.

Me and my family was just a couple hours away from boarding the plane heading to America. At least that’s what we thought. The airline’s website showed a red piece of text saying that the flight was cancelled.

An hour or so passed before we finally got a response from the airline directing us to another flight leaving the following night. Just under two days later we woke up in America, more accurate in San José just south of San Francisco. Surprisingly and thankfully, the expected jet lag was non existent that day and allowed us to start the exploration…

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Mountains seen from Reykjavik.

It was a weekend in May, I and Hanna, my second cousin (check out her blog at, were going to Iceland.

05:00. I was awake and stared at the ceiling.
05:15. Time for breakfast.
06:00. The wheels of the car began to spin.
09:40. The train left Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden.
10:00. The train arrived to Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.
12:00. We sat down at the gate.
13:05. The purple airplane became airborne.

Our target was Iceland, one of the most popular destinations for photography. It felt quite weird to leave Sweden when we for once had gotten warm winds and…

The wheels of the plane touched the ground and strong vibrations were sent through the whole metal body. Outside the window there was a long bridge leading from the continent over some water and finally reaching a big island in the middle of the lagoon. It is called Venice and located in the north-eastern part of Italy. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about it already, it’s a very famous and unique city because of its canals that’s replacing streets. If you want to walk around, you’ll have to sneak through the tight alleys and the small bridges between the…

Axel Boberg

Apple WWDC Scholarship winner 2018 | A Swedish photographer and developer | Currently at SVT (Swedish Television)

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