Serving champagne is a gesture of generosity towards oneself, the guest and life.

The people we meet nowadays mostly drink beer and bad wine, some of them are not even drinking. There are even said to be people who swear by hay milk, detox iced tea and relaxation drinks. They say it does them good. We think they’re wrong. They always seem balanced, never self-forgotten or happy.

Well, we love champagne. It is lively and cloudy at the same time. You can’t get enough, but if you get too much, you have a much more interesting intoxication than with beer or wine; the priorities change, you’re somehow exaggerated, turned up and original, not dull or cozy; it doesn’t press you on your seat, you’re thrown out, champagne drives you into action. With Champagne you keep a sharp sense and understanding.

On almost every day we like to drink champagne, around the noble drop, which waits on our palate after years of bottle fermentation. As the saying goes, one bottle of Champagne a day keeps the doctor away. So imagine you enjoy one bottle a day, no doctor needed. Of course, you have to find by yourself, how much a day you like to enjoy.

There is no drink on this planet that conveys such prestige and life feeling and carries in itself, like Champagne. And even the best Crement can’t get close to a good Champagne. We are not talking about the industrial Champagne, we are talking about the Champagne that is produced i.e. with a lot of love and heart’s blood, by winegrowers who use little sulphites and only the best grapes in first press.

We don’t wait for celebration, we create them. You can drink Champagne all day, starting in the morning. So you should start drinking a glass or two of fine fizz today!

Enjoying Champagne is an act of resistance against the lust hostility. A lot of people don’t get it and we are the one who spread the Yesss. It’s a mindset, which you will only understand if you have one.

With this in mind, Santé all Day!