Entrepreneurship Is the New Politics
Nicolas Colin

Thanks for this thoughtful article. Let’s find a path to a 21st century Renaissance!

I agree the current crisis is not only economical, but also political and ‘existential’.

I am hopeful that Entrepreneurs can be a positive force, yet there are likely aspects of life that should remain controlled in the public sphere. The partnership between private and public sectors will be crucial. Perhaps we could imagine mechanisms to better feed government and public entities with private knowledge and methods. It could be a voluntary ‘civil service' program to make it easy for start uppers/entrepreneurs to get involved in public programs?

Regarding the political crisis: i suspect a key problem is the disconnect between the problems to solve (Global, super complex) and the institutions to solve them (national in most cases as supranational organisations are often paralyzed, with an obsolete design). Hence politicians, even with the best intentions and superior competence (which is a strong assumption!) have limited levers to improve the situation. How to create new, Global, relevant institutions?

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