The one and only secret to reach your dreams.

“Life is a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way each day.The thing is you head up straight. And when you make that choice. And when you decide turn your back to what’s comfortable, and safe and what someone calls common sense. So, that’s day one. From there, it’s only get tougher” Csaba Gabor-B


Every time you don’t like something or don’t want to do something and try to justify you inaction with excuses stop everything and do it. That’s because it is outside your comfort zone and you must embrace it without thinking. You will feel awesomely good after that. Everyday will start becoming a good day. You will be aware of your infinite potential and certainly be happier.


  • cold shower
  • running early
  • running twice as much as yesterday
  • sleeping on the ground
  • speaking in public
  • traveling in unknown places
  • speaking with people you don’t know
  • setting up a business for the first time


How something like a cold shower will help me reaching my goals and change my life? you must think.

First stop complaining and take one to see.

The “trick” is not in the cold shower itself but in the act of doing it. How you will be able to face the unknown of creating a business, have the guts of becoming who you want to be and face all the huge difficulties you will certainly encounter in your life if you are not able to take a cold shower for 5min? Thats just 5min! If you are in a rich country (and you must certainly be if you read it) after that you will be warned up in 10 secondes thanks to your heating and a hot towel. So stop complaining and do it.

“When you step inside a freezing cold vortex of spraying water your whole body is jolted awake. You are so cold that your body automatically reacts by forcing heavy breaths out of you. After a minute or so, this turns into complete and utter euphoric lucidity. Taking cold showers forces you very quickly to become less of a pussy and much more of a strong individual. However, to fully reap this benefit you need to do it daily — which as a residual result teaches you discipline. A disciplined mind that is alert, lucid, and strong is almost unstoppable and this can be gradually trained with the help of one cold shower a day. » Sawyer William Dina

You will automatically stop procrastinating

Because you will never create bullshit excuses anymore you will start to do a lot of things you postponed before. Other people will be amazed by what you can achieve 😉

Training gradually until facing the last challenge that conceal you dream.

With training you will progressively shape your mind and your body. Indeed every goal you have in life is outside your comfort zone. So when you need to train to expand it, even with littles things like taking a cold shower. Nobody will complain of not being able to run a marathon while he has never run. So why do you complain about not reaching your goals if you are doing nothing difficult that make you progress?

You will approach your goals by training your mind and your body to embrace every challenges and difficulties you face. Thats what successful people do, and enjoy to do while 99,99% of the population don’t even want to hear it, they surely prefer to watch TV in jogging. (I’m joking… or maybe not)

With time going out your comfort zone will become a 2nd nature and you will really enjoy life, because everything that other people are afraid of doing will turn into a challenge you will face, and the feeling after that is just awesome. So you will do it again and again and again until reaching (la cimes) of possibles. And by doing that, overtime you will be able to tackle every big challenges and real opportunities.

You will gain in confidence and always be motivated

Push Boundaries → Small Wins → Motivation → Push Boundaries → More Motivation → Bigger Wins

Every little daily challenge you manage to succeed will make you more confident, so you will tackle greater challenges and then gain in confidence that will allow you to face greater challenges etc etc

The trick is that every successful people have failed, but also have managed to tackles thousands of little challenges (like a cold shower) which have resulted in rewiring they mindset for perseverance and success. Now they are not afraid and know they can topple any given challenge.

You have to reward yourself with little wins and understand your failure to make them temporary.


Or been comfortable with the uncomfortable

Evey time something begin to enter your comfort zone, crush it further again. Now you like cold shower? Add some ice cube in it. Now you are able to run 10km everyday? Run 20km! Then 30km! Then 40km! etc etc Because what most people do is rejecting challenges. Thats why they don’t progress and then complain that they have no opportunity. The fact is that there is more opportunities than people and by expanding your comfort zone you will start to see them. Why?

Because opportunities are like an awesome present with a packaging made of sandpaper.

At first they appears unwelcoming, something you don’t want to do because it will hurt you and you will need to make some efforts. But after you have embraced this challenge, the opportunity behind will be revealed.

At this moment other people watching you will complain and say to you : “Oh you are lucky to have this opportunity! I wish I could have the same…” But thats NOT what happened. They had the same opportunities but prefer to be blind than hurt for a little time.


Speaking with people you don’t know, everywhere, every time.

That maybe the best life act that will bring you hugeeeeee opportunities. You must train to enjoy speaking with unknown people and be genuinely interested in what they say. Everybody lived something awesome in his life, or know something that you may need so you have to dig enough to find the gold mind. Anyone can speak with somebody he don’t know, and yet few people manage to do so regularly.

What are the concrete benefits?

  1. You will gain in self confidence and be able to master every social context (just that is absolutely awesome)
  2. Opportunities and knowledges some people will bring you are incredible. Maybe after talking with 20 person, the 21 will work exactly in the field you have dreamed of, and because you will be at ease speaking with this person, and genuine interested he will almost certainly offer you something, maybe just is contact informations, maybe meeting again later, maybe a job offer, maybe he will simply know somebody that can help you etc etc the possibility are endless. 
    Note : Obviously if you speak with one unknown people in the metro a year, you must never complain that nothing happens to you.
  3. You have nothing to loose by doing that but 99,999% don’t do it because they are afraid of being ashamed , of being rejected or ridiculous. But who cares? All of that is in your head and will disappears by training. That’s these same people that complain of they daywork, of the lack of opportunities they suffer from, of their « bad luck » etc etc but that is just completely bullshit.

But of course you need to train again and again. At first it will hurt and you may feel ridiculous or not at ease, but soon you will really enjoy that and you will never be the same again.


As from now (not tomorrow, now, thats very important to stop postponing everything) Whenever you are afraid of doing something and you start thinking : “Not now I will do that later, not that I can’t do this it hurts, I will be ashamed, I am scared etc etc” and start having a stomachache. Breath, stop the storm inside you mind, smile (because it generated endorphine in tour brain) and do it because you know you will crush it.

Whenever there is something that bothers you, that makes you angry you must calm down and turns that into a challenge to tackle.

Fun exemple :

A friend of mine went to the laundry 1h our before the doors automatically close while washing clothes lasts at least 40min. The problem was that he had only a 10€ banknote on him while the washing machines only accept the 7€ needed, in coins. So he has less than 20min to find a solution. He was late, he started becoming angry of loosing his time like this and just wanted to go back home with clean clothes and go to sleep. So he calmed down and see that as a challenge, saying to himself : ok I will find 7e in coin in less than 10min. After 10min of asking people a change on a 10€ banknote a man came. He had only 7€ in coins but my friend accept to gave his 10€ banknote, he was too happy to let this occasion slip away. So he was able to wash his clothes but few minutes later the man came back with 3€ in coins, and gave him. My friend started enjoying the situation, felt lucky and touched by the kindness of people. In next to no time a very bad end of the day has been turned in an awesome feeling of kindness for humanity combined with luck and self confidence. Thats the power to stop complaining and start facing every uncomfortable things as a challenge to tackle.

Now you know what you have to do ! Make you life a game sprinkled with daily challenges that pushes you out of your comfort zone, and enjoy it ! 😉

If you want to learn more about the interest of failure and little challenges for success, you will surely enjoy this great post written by Charles Chu which gave me some inspiration.

Note: I apologize in advance for some bad writting sentences. English is not my first language, so I try to write the best I can, but I have a lot of proggress to made ;) So don’t be shy and tell me what can be improved in order for me to progress !