If you were a kid in the nineties, it’s no surprise that you still remember all the lyrics of « Wannabe », the dynamic pop song that revealed the Spice Girls in 1996. Twenty years later, the iconic song and the slogan « Girl Power », used as a term of female empowerment, independence and self-sureness and made popular by the band in the nineties, have been brought up to date and invite girls from all over the world to tell people what they « really really want ». Even though I would have appreciated a bit more of body variety in the new video, I still believe the social rebranding of an emblematic song that influenced millions of girls through the years is quite a smart and bold move! Learn more here.

OK Real

© OK Real

What I really love about Internet is that it helps people sharing same interests to reunite and talk about different subjects. I’ve always considerate it as a tool that facilitates communication, when used well and I do feel that Internet can be an excellent ‘first step’ to a further discussion. In this case, I think the ladies of OkReal really understood the power that an online community could bring to a project with a broader vision. They started posting interviews and articles for creative and ambitious women as a way to stimulate and encourage them to pursue whatever life they wanted to live. Tips about work, advices on how to manage a business, some more personal insights… Every seed posted online quickly helped the website to grow a community with strong roots and to take the idea a few steps further. Now, OkReal is hosting workshops and all kind of events that empower women in various ways. Great job, ladies!


The more media and society are telling women what kind of body they should have, the more the rebellion is growing! I’m glad to see tons of voices speak up for themselves and re-claim that their body are actually perfect the way they are. On that subject, Elisa and Lily, the mother-daughter creators of StyleLikeU have a lot to tell! Under the slogan « Style is true acceptance », the duo compile hundreds of interviews showcasing women talking about the relation they have with their body or how they manage(d) to love themselves while undressing and showing what they really look like. This initiative is a true blessing to body diversity and acceptance. It sometimes comforts you or confront you to your own image and the preconception you can have about beauty standards in general. The road to a global body positive atmosphere is still long but projects like this one demonstrate how women are tired of diktats and are willing to take their image back! Discover all the interviews here.

The Lenny Letter

© LennyLetter

Everybody knows Lena Dunham, but only a few people actually know her partner-in-crime and co-producer Jenni Konner. Together they launched Lenny, a weekly online feminist newsletter you can subscribe to and receive directly in your mailbox. Their plan is to dismantle the patriarchy one newsletter at a time with a variety of articles and interviews, from politics to health, passing by sex, friendship or even style! Colourful, with loads of female celeb’ guests and some surprising topics, the newsletter quickly gained 400,000 subscribers and a 65 percent open rate which is pretty amazing! I love the tone and the design they’ve put in the concept that I find refreshing, engaging and sometimes quite funny even though some topics seem impossible to talk about. The duo managed to infuse their personal style and humour into the initiative which made possible to tackle some touchy issues as endometriosis that cruelly need some exposure in the media. Other than that, I loved how they succeeded at turning the concept of newsletter into an expected weekly appointment! You can sign up for Lennyhere.

What about you? Do you know any initiative aiming to empower women? What are they?