Hey 2016! Are you ready ?

Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation, personal mentor.

Disclaimer : You will quickly notice that I’m not a native english speaker so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any suggestion that can help me improve my writing skills and-or the general shape of this post! Thank you!

I won’t surprise anyone, December is a typical time to take a look back at what you did the past year and to think about what you want to achieve during the months to come. So, here I am, mentally checking what has happened recently!

2015 has been quite a hassle for me, both on personal and professional sides. Let’s just say that being fired with a 2-days notice, putting a final end to a poisoning relationship and crying in front of a broken boiler at the end of January do not really predict a year full of wonders! Anyway, if the 3 first trimesters of the year were particularly difficult to me, they also forced me to take things slower and to focus on me. I have to be honest with myself : I couldn’t achieve most of the things I wanted to be done in 2015. Ideas were thrown away, projects were set aside, other were simply slowed down in order to let me breathe, handle the physical and emotional tiredness, manage the crazy amount of bullshit I was experiencing and also reconsider what it was that really interested me. I tend to believe that we face struggle when our soul needs to be shaken or to be reminded of something… Well, Congratulations Shitty 2015, you did your job quite efficiently! I realize just now that I was, if not completely lost, at least a bit misplaced. And if, in some ways, I didn’t do anything that you can check on a to-do-list or whatsoever, I can actually claim that I re-learned numerous things about myself and also that I GOT THROUGH THIS FUCKING YEAR OF SHIT. And that is important, and good, and brave enough.

« I have come to realize that a pause can be more important than periods of stimulation. »
— Paola Bottai on Freunde von Freunden

Anyway. As I said this year was full of introspection and ideas and feelings written in a notebook. Now that I feel rested and confident again, there’s plenty of todo’s that I want to tackle with a lot of positive energy and a brand new mindset! So here’s my list of things to do in 2016. You can call them resolutions if you want to, but I personally prefer to name them goals. It sounds less restrictive, less boring and more positive to me! They are personal and professional, new and old, good habits to keep or happy things to do… just a great mix of things I want to be done by the end of next year!
I will list them here as a reminder to check every now and then.

This year, I will…

… complete the all-organic transition of my pantry and fridge

I really want to finish that transition I started a few years ago. I mostly eat local and organic but I think I could do better. My biggest issue is that I’m not well organized when it comes to grocery shopping and menu planning. However, Brussels offers more and more alternatives to shop organic and local, it’s such a shame I seem to be so resilient to plan my meals a little bit more! That is something I really want to work on this year!

… keep going to yoga/aquabike at least 2 times a week

I recently started yoga and aquabike as I was encountering anxiety and sleeping problems. Working out at least twice a week make me realize how much I needed this to get rid of some negative energy and to find a certain balance. I hope I’ll be able to maintain that rhythm all year long.

Atocha Station, Madrid.

… travel at least 3 times (potential work travels not included, of course!)

I forgot about traveling for a long time. I also forgot how much I love to discover new cities and to get inspired by other’s people habits and cultures. I think this goal is actually on its way to be completed quite easily because I’m going to Spain at the end of January and a girly trip to Italy is also currently discussed! Yay!

… move

I’m just tired of my current apartment and I’m willing to explore a new neighbourhood!

… dive in the full-time freelance life

2015 wasn’t all bad, I also made some really good and exciting decisions. To start working as a full-time freelancer is one of them. Everything isn’t quite clear yet but I’ve never been so excited to be on my own and confident that good things will happen because I’ll work hard for it and also because I’m made for that kind of life.

Monday morning at The Living Room, a nice design shop/cantine near my home

… find my co-working space

I really love working in coffee places around Brussels (remind me to share with you all my best spots with good coffee and stable wifi!) but I have to admit that I miss having a place dedicated to work and concentration. I don’t need a big office on my own and I really appreciate working in synergies, so I guess co-working is a good option. I just have to find the right place where I could easily fit in!

… have a full medical check-up

I’m the best at finding an excuse to postpone a medical appointment. I swear, try me! And it simply has to change. Tell me I’m not the only one, please!

… do something about my sleeping problems

If you know me even a little bit, you certainly know that insomnia and sleep depravation are some issues that I’ve had for quite a long time. I still exactly don’t know where my sleeping problems come from and I’m not sure about how I’m gonna handle this but I’m certain that I really want to sleep like a baby at some point this year. Any tips are more than welcome!

… focus on Alphabeta Magazine’s growth and new projects

I founded ABMAG a few years ago. Last year, as we were trying to do something new and big, we completely failed. That’s life, I know, but it took me quite a while to realize how bad it was and how long fixing our issues will be. Now that a brand new website is on its way (coming up on January 26th guys!) and that we took the time to re-organize lots of our ideas, I think we’re ready to conquer the world. Or at least Belgium! Stay tuned, lots of good things are coming and I’m so excited to share it with my team and the entire Internet!

… start sharing on the Internet again

I used to share a lot on my blog about arts, design, food and other stuff that inspire me. Since I was on that introspection journey during the past few months, I also took the time to think about how I wanted to share and what I wanted to discuss on the Internet. Well and sometimes, you know, it’s better just to shut up. I needed to find a tone of voice that sounds just like me and feels right. Maybe this post is gonna show me the way back to online sharing?

Enough about me, let’s talk about you!

Did you achieve everything you wanted to do this year? What are your goals for 2016 ? How can you use what you learned in 2015 to complete your new objectives? I’d be happy to read them!

Read you later!