Say hello to Wiffee! (looking for someone with a business background based in Brussels)

After I quit Alphabeta Magazine, I got to feel lots of different emotions. If it was not easy to leave a project I started from scratch 5 years ago, I eventually reached a certain point where I literally felt my brain emptying itself from every content that was Alphabeta-related. If you ever had run a project of the same kind, you can easily imagine how much space it left in my mind…

Anyway, after a few days, I decided to make a list of every single idea I had in mind, from silly things to personal projects I wanted to take further and ultimately, one of them made itself clear that I needed to focus on it.

Say hello to Wiffee!

Wiffee is an online map gathering all the good places that offer decent coffee and a stable wifi connexion. One of its purposes is to help digital nomads like us to find cozy places to tackle a bunch of emails of a final deadline while enjoying a good cuppa!

Here’s a preview of the first logo, made by Emeline Brulé.

If I developed an idea of an app’ and also a strong desire to build a community around it as much as various related activities, I also want to create a business model that is anchored in a long-term, relevant and playful vision.

In order to achieve that, I’m looking for someone with a business background who would be willing to join the adventure! A strong interest for digital culture, new ways of working and food obviously (#dealbreaker) is highly required. Weird humour is a plus. Being based in Brussels is an important factor as I want this collaboration to evolve both offline and online. As for the rest, let’s just see where it takes us! If you wanna meet, drop me a line and we’ll take a moment to share a cup of coffee!

Hope to read you soon :)


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