My 3 favorite coffee places to work in Brussels

As a nomad freelancer, I developed a strong affection for nice places with good coffee but above all : with a good and stable wifi. (Yes, I’m the kind of person that gently grumbles when there’s no Internet connexion around and yes, it’s up to you to find a way to deal with it!) I’m spending countless hours drinking delicious cafés latte while tackling some work on my laptop. If some places are quite noisy at lunch time, I managed to find some spots away from all the chattering and to maintain a certain workflow. Anyway, I became a relatively good reference in the epic quest that finding a nice wifi spot could be and I thought now is the time to share with you some of my favorites!

Of Coffee Jourdan

1 — Or Coffee Roasters

There are two of them in Brussels and I mostly go to the one located on Place Jourdan as it’s really close to my home. (I recently became friend with the waitresses after they eventually asked how I was ‘today’. Needless to say it is a big evidence that I’m hanging around there way too much). 
The place mixes a industrial look with some warm touches of wood and old leather — there’s a worn Chesterfield couch that is particularly comfy at 4PM, just sayin’, coffee is beyond perfect and there’s plenty of room to sit. I love the big square table in the back because it’s placed just under a skylight which brings lots of energy and focus to me.

♡ : they’ve managed to build a big wooden table around a tree on their terrace → best summer spot, ideal for a break under the sun. 
▲ : a full battery is always better as the place doesn’t have a lot of plug sockets.

Or Coffee Roasters 
Place Jourdan 13a
1040 Etterbeek
Monday/Friday : 7:30 AM — 17:00 PM
Sunday : 9:00 AM — 17:00 PM
More info :
Living Room

2 — Living Room

This address is also close to my home, on a public place not a lot of people know about! There, you can have breakfast, lunch and sweets all day long but you can also buy the design couch you were sitting on the all time! 
Both concept store and canteen, Living Room offers a feathery atmosphere and a really nice setting that literally gives you the urge to work, I swear! 
I personally choose to sit on the comfy couches on the ground floor when I’m just there to read and relax but when I want to be productive, I go upstairs where a bunch of large tables are inviting customers to make themselves at home!

♡ : they have one of the best granolas I’ve tried so far (and really good scones, also), I love ordering one when I start the day working there. 
▲ : service can sometimes be a bit chaotic but nothing major to warn you about!

Living Room
Place Jean Rey 8
1040 Etterbeek
Monday/Friday : 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM
Saturday : 10:00 AM—6:00 PM
More info :
Hinterland © Sarah Blieux

3 — Hinterland

The owners called the place an ‘urban refuge’ and I think they couldn’t come with something as accurate as this term. The neo-canteen is located in the heart of Saint-Gilles on a street that is really noisy but every disturbing sound miraculously disappears when you enter the place. Filled with light wood, appearing bricks and a soft-colored flooring, Hinterland is such a relaxing heaven inside which you can comfortably sit and stay for hours without noticing. Plus, there’s always a really appealing piece of home-made pie or cake waiting for you on the counter !

♡ : special mention for their playlists and their selection of organic juices!
▲ : it’s a bit too far from my home but maybe it’s closer to yours.

Chaussée de Charleroi 179
1060 Saint-Gilles
Tuesday/Friday : 8:00 AM—6:00 PM
Saturday : 10:00 AM — 6:00 PM
More info :

There you go, it’s time for you to do your own shopping !

Here’s my personal Google Maps that gathers all the good places with wifi I know at the current time. Drop me a line if you think of an address we should definitely know about!

Read you later,