Two Weeks of Insanity

The Story

Last March, I decided to write an article a day for 30 days in a row. It went well. And it gave me the motivation to try another challenge: go back to sport.

I almost completely stopped sport after high school, 7 years ago. I was already “curvy” at the time, and it got worse with the years.

I reached a point where I really hate my body. I know for a fact that I should do more efforts. But never had the motivation.

Publishing on my blog once a day was time consuming, and exhausting sometimes. But it taught me a lot. A lot of the rewards came from all the messages I got. But some of the value is simply related to the fact that I kept working hard, day after day, and I made it.

So I decided that from now on, I should try picking one challenge a month. And the most important one was to exercise more.

My pick was Insanity, the famous cardio video program by Shaun T.

I found a lot of incredible transformations on the web, some from credible people. So I gave it a shot.

I only talked about that my best friend, and to you, medium people. I’m not totally ready to tell my friends and family, mainly because I’m afraid to fail.

The Start

April 1st.

I started on a Friday, but the schedule starts on a Monday and has a rest day on Sunday. I decided to the first two days, then start again from the beginning the next Monday.

I wake up at 6am, I want to do it before work. I put the shoes I bought the day before, and get ready to start.

The first day is the “Fit Test.” That was really hard. I’m almost dead at the end of the short warm-up. But I managed to do the entire test, quite slowly, and probably without really poor form.

The next days went … okay. It’s hard, some exercises I couldn’t even do. I take a lot of breaks.

After a week, I had a really hard time waking up and I decided to work out in the evening. It’s a really bad idea on a Friday. The last thing I wanted on that evening was to go home and do this f**king Insanity. But I did it.


It’s been more than two full weeks now, and I’ve managed to keep my commitments. But I have to admit that I cheated a bit.

One morning, I woke up late. I didn’t have enough time to work out, take my shower, and get to work on time. So I decided to play the entire session with a 1.33 playback rate. I did that once more last week (1.25 only), still because of a lack of time. It’s faster, but also means less breaks. I still think it’s better than nothing.

I was also lazy last Saturday, so I switched my rest day with the Sunday, that’s barely cheating. Right?

And, my last cheater technique, is to switch some exercises sometimes. Some of them because of the noise. I don’t always feel like jumping in my apartment at 6am while my neighbours are sleeping. Some of them because they are too hard : doing push-ups-based stuff for more than 30 seconds is still super hard, so I switch to a low plank instead.


Well, I don’t really know what I should expect after two weeks. But let’s say this right now: I don’t feel thinner at all.

I hope that this is normal, that I’m replacing fat with muscle, and the weight loss will be noticeable next month.

I feel stronger though. I feel some muscles I didn’t know existed, I can do more push-ups, stay longer in plank position…

To be honest, at that point, I still don’t believe it’s going to bring a noticeable change to my silhouette. When you’ve been fat for most of your life, that’s a dream that doesn’t feel realistic.

But simply committing to it brings a decent amount of satisfaction already.