How the new Bitly undid years of great User Experience design (UX)

The newly revamped Bitly has undone easy to use design and a user friendly interface with something that makes the core product more difficult to use.

New bitly home screen

Notice the new large search bar where the ‘paste your URL here’ used to be and the new ‘Create bitlink’ call to action.

What’s a bitlink? I have to assume it is a version of an address I came to shorten — like a short URL or something. Sorry for the sarcasm, words and button titles matter.

Two things are wrong with this in my opinion:

  1. With the primary reason for users being the creation of short links, what’s the benefit of putting a search bar front and centre?
  2. Access to the main thing a user wants is now an additional click away for no reason at all and has zero benefit.
New bitly bitlink creation function

(insert gasp here)

So we have 90% of the screens real estate wasted(!).

I’ll leave that statement right there for you to ponder and wait the slapping sound the palm of your hand will make when it meets your face.

New bitly end of link creation process

Finally getting my bitlink (short URL) and try copying it by double click… oh no. Another bad experience as I am only able to select part of the URL.

What’s the benefit of only being able to select part of the URL for the user?

Note the ‘copy’ and ‘share’ buttons are now on top of the form where I didn’t expect them and they are tiny. Previously this was in sequence and the link was automatically copied to my clipboard.

All in all a confusing waste of time to do something so simple and previously easy. What’s your experience?


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