very inspired guys… thanks for your great article… i must admit i ever use one of your template…
Muhammad Hendra Sunarya

Glad that you like it and thank you for using one of our products. At this moment we don’t pay much attention on guys who steal our products. There are 3 cases:

  1. Most of the time we see them in our Analytics, because they don’t even remove our analytics code. For those which are using our analytics, we just contact them and ask them to remove the code, so we will not collect information about their users (we don’t care about their traffic) and then they feel guilty stealing and buy a license.
  2. Those who steal and spread it for free on other parts are just making free marketing for us. If they will use it for a client who is paying, that client most of the time is asking “did you use paid/free items on my website, I’m clean from the legal point of view after I buy the final website from you?” and then that guy who is building the website come to our market and purchase a license.
  3. At this moment our resources are popular enough for people to recognise them and they ask if we allowed those guys to place them free for download or selling them on different marketplaces. Then if we can we create a collaboration with those guys to split the profit.

Big marketplaces with a good reputation doesn’t allow stollen products on their website so they ban the user.

We focus on people who pay and download from our website, to create a great experience for them, not for those who steal :D

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