Great job, Alexandru Paduraru!
Afif Sohaili

Thank you! In the beginning, we compared our products (UI Kits) with the competition, which was doing Templates for HTML. They were selling with prices from $10 to $25 and you could use that template for 1 website. We were thinking that the UI Kit format gives your more possibilities than a simple Template so we priced them at $39.

Then we started to play with different prices, we release a Template which was $19 but it didn’t get so many sales, probably it was competing with the ones with $10. Then we tested on a dashboard the $29 price and people paid and some said it is too cheap for how it was looking and how we offered the support. So we priced it at $39. Then, on our latest UI Kit ( we added more elements/components/sections/pages etc, it is doubled as the content from our first kit and we priced it based on the feedback that we got from some collaborators and close customers at $79 and now it is the most famous product.

You need to test and see how much people are willing to pay. From what we understood from the customers they were willing to pay 10–20$ more just to make sure we are a profitable company and will be there after 1 day after 1 week, 1 month, 1 year etc. when they will need our support.

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