A valuable tool to help guide design decisions while building thoughtful products.

An emotional journey is the visualization of a user’s emotional experience when interacting with a product or service.

People go through a range of conscious and subconscious emotional reactions when interacting with products. An experience becomes truly valuable to us when it hits the right notes at the right time. That is when an experience truly feels human. In other words, our reaction to things is heavily dependent on how we feel at that particular moment. Products and services that consider this are able to truly create an enriching, connected experience. Therefore, in the design process, it is important not…

A special summer filled with joy, growth, and discoveries while helping craft experiences to build the world’s best transportation.

I spent the summer of 2018 as a product design intern at Lyft in San Francisco, California. I was a part of the passenger experience team where I focused on helping create reliable and effective experiences at airports and venues. The features I worked on are currently in production and are strictly under NDA which means I cannot talk about them. However, I will talk about the interview process, my experiences, learnings and what I was able to achieve while I was there.

A little about me before we get to that. Heading into my 3rd year at RIT, much…

Aahel Iyer

Product designer at Lyft with a passion for helping build socially good products while slurping Harmless Harvest coconut water🌴🥥 https://aaheliyer.com

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