Time is Priceless Period.

These individuals have riches just as we say that we “have a fever,” when really the fever has us. — Seneca (4BC-65AD)

Time is the most precious asset bestowed upon humans by this universe. If you pay close attention, then you will find the largest portion of our life passes by when we are doing ill, a goodly share while we are doing nothing and a whole by doing which is not to the purpose. Time is one thing that anyone can rob us of and what we don’t realize is by each passing moment we are gradually dying. So why we do the stuff that we don’t wanna do if it was our last day on this planet ?

The reason is fairly simple, although humans boast that they experience a wide range of emotions but actually their life runs around two emotions namely Fear and Greed. In which the fear precedes the greed, fear sets the stage for greed to have Knightly entrance. Fear that most of humans have is of being without money, some of you like myself have this fear of being without self earned money. This fear is natural, but to that extent when it doesn’t block the emergence of oneself, to the extent when it doesn’t strangle our dreams.

My friend when this fear is able to overpower your conscience, you become slave. Slaves of your fear, you start compromising and remotely settle on what’s given to you, infact because of the insecurities you start giving your energy in something which first of all not truly deserves your energy, and secondly you also know breaking sweat doesn’t imply being productive.

So when the times comes of monthly paycheck with Sexy Zero’s , the Greed sets in. The greed comes with a bucket full of demands that we wanna satiate with that paycheck and further more paychecks to come in future. The real human demands are quite contrast of the demand defined by Economics which says demand is a function of person’s income, whereas truth is that it’s a function of imagination and envy. This onset of list of demands triggered by paychecks initiates a vicious cycle in which a person wakes up, goes to work and pays bills.

Though nobody wanna accept this harsh truth, but the modern life of freshly graduated students is run by just two emotions: Fear and Greed. They won’t admit it, but they end up running after money, moving from low paying jobs to higher paying jobs along with the evil monster of their Wish List also growing up with each paycheck they receive. This is the rat race in which each one of them falls.

Summing up, for most of you my friend, the figure that’s written in your Paycheck that you receive every month is YOUR PRICE. That’s the price of your dreams, price of your soul and heart. It’s the price for prioritizing THEM over YOURSELF, the price of robbing your 30*24 hours. And ultimately, that’s the price of bringing you closer to death by yet another 30 days.

Imagine my friend you have just one year to live, will you be willing to give your 30 days doing stuff that you least care about.