Make A Video and Win A Bounty!
Feb 9 · 1 min read

Make an Axie Infinity video for a chance to win Mystic Axie worth 1.5 eth! There are 3 Mystics up for grab, 1 per category.

1. Battles: PvP/Current Meta teams/Strategies
2. Economy: Marketplace/Trading/Play to Earn
3. Breeding/PvE


  • Length at least 3 minutes
  • Each video should stay relevant to the chosen category
  • Preferably use English only
  • Upload on YouTube. (If you want to post it on another platform first you should DM Coco Bear or Jihoz in Axie Infinity Discord)
  • Post your link to video in the official discord of Axie Infinity in #guides-and-blogs channel —
  • Deadline: March 1st.

View Count Bounty!

You will also receive reward based on amount of views on your videos (limited to 30 Origin Axies and max 1 reward per person):

1000 views = 3 Origins Axies
500 views = 2 Origins Axies
200 views = 1 Origin Axie

Players that abuse/inflate viewer numbers will be disqualified!!!


Jihoz will also add 1 Mystic Axie which will be raffled among all entries!
1 valid video= 1 submission.

Written by is brought to you by a group of Axie Infinity Fans ( who are passionate about the blockchain and the games that use it.

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