MSDS Description for Hydro bromic Acid

The solution is a mixture of 48% soluble in water. Hydrobromic Acid MSDS also identified as hydrogen bromide. It looks like a yellow or light brown colored liquid. Its other synonyms are Acido bromidrico, Acide bromhydrique, etc. It may potentially affectyour body parts such as eyes, skin, and hands. It is a colorless gas having strong, distressing odor. Its MSDS is 001027.

Firmness and reactivity

The solution is considered as stable. If it is stored under normal conditions of storage and use, hazardous disintegrated products will not be produced. In addition, under normal conditions stored, hazardous polymerization will not occur as well. Prevention in regard to unexpected issues.

Individual care- Contact any emergency staff immediately. Avoid unnecessary staff while handling the solution. Always use appropriate protective tools. To make the procedure safety, stop up gas supply.

Environmentalissues- Stay away from thedispersal of lost materials and run off and connect with soil, waterways, culverts and sewers.

Firefighting maneuver

In thecase of a fire, wear a self-contained breathing appliance and in pressure-demand as well as complete protective gear. Actually, the product is not flammable, still, reacts if theconnection of certain metals which form flammable hydrogen gas. Further, it is recommended to spray water to make fire-exposed containers moderate. There is also chances of vapors expands if there would be limited spaces. To avoid hazardous vapors and harmful products, reach the fire from upwind.

Probable health effects

The product is hazardous for some parts of your body and irritating to therespiratory system.

Eye- It may lead to irreversible eye injury. Vapor or mist also may cause irritation and severe burns.

Skin- The product is corrosive and hence may cause severe burns and ulceration if comes in contact with skin. The sternness of injury depends on the concentration of the solution and the extent of exposure.

Chemical burns to the respiratory portion. Inhalation may cause fatal as a result of spam, inflammation, and more.So, handle the solution carefully.

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