Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

This is too good👆

Dear America,

As a non American(Indian) who followed through your election season, I think Trump’s victory is no surprise.

Why? Well first I must clearly say that I completely supported Hillary and I loathe Trump (unless he does something to change my mind). So Trump is an insane, racist, extremist, misogynistic man-child and other bad things that have been said about him in the media. To anyone saying that Hillary is corrupt — a war is better than an apocalypse. A lot (99%) about trump is true but he is a tremendous opportunist and a brilliant marketing mind. He was and is in no way fit for presidency, but he was definitely ready for the election. In contrast HRC is and will be fit to be President (and the first female president of the US- which could have been super awesome) but her campaign was good but not entertaining (like politics should be- not entertaining). I personally have no such interest in world politics or the US politics. I did not follow the Obama campaign, although I view him as one of the coolest presidents ever. The reason I watched all the conventions and the rallies(many not all) and the 3 debates and a lot of US NEWS! coz of that Trump fella who got crazy and did something completely unexpected and made this election season entertaining and sensational instead of worthwhile and valuable. A guy working at a burger shop doesn’t understand policy (and doesn’t give a fuck he should but doesn’t), he votes based on what feels attractive and shiny, even if it’s an illusion, he has no chance of knowing it. For example what would you want for you next meal, a super cheesy chicken pizza or salad? Salad is healthy but boring. Btw I love super cheesy chicken pizza so I assume the whole world does too😁. And Trump painted his coal self with gold. And people fell for it, not only Americans but Indians(few, but not negligible) too. So it is with deep regret and self loathing I say that Trump played it smart while HRC worked hard.

Trump will have hard times ahead but he made sure he won the election.

If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.

— Bill Gates

Cheers fellow humans.