Comparing the GoPro HD and the GoPro HD2 Action Cameras

GoPro has established itself as one of the leading brands in the action electronic camera market, which as any enthusiast will know, is a totally justified achievement for the series of electronic cameras that pack style, features and performance by the truck load. You can find more reviews and specifications about this product by visiting

GoPro initially struck the scene back in 2005, when it launched its first design, the Helmet Hero. This was quickly followed by the Helmet Hero Wide, another standard definition design with the addition of a 170º wide angle lens — a typical function in today’s market, but extremely ingenious at the time.

In late 2009 came the GoPro HD Hero, a design that made history by claiming its location as the very first complete HD 1080p helmet video camera on the marketplace, and continues to make headings today. The GoPro HD Hero’s success is perhaps down to its adaptability. Be it on snow, dirt or water, the Helmet Hero, Motorsport Hero and Surf Hero have actually every scenario covered.

The most recent addition to the GoPro household comes in the form of the GoPro HD2 and it’s the most sophisticated GoPro video camera, yet.

On very first examination, you might be deceived in to believing that there’s not great deal of difference in between the old and brand-new GoPro models, with both weighing in at 168g and both packing complete 1080p resolution and a 170 degree large angle lens. However have a look under the bonnet and you’ll soon see what makes the HD2 electronic camera stand apart from it’s predecessor.

The HD2’s brand-new processor provides two times the processing power as the HD, which as well as making it two times as quickly, permits you to catch 11 megapixel images at a rate of 10 pictures per second, more than doubling that of the GoPro HD. In addition to this, low light efficiency has actually been enhanced significantly.

To benefit from all that brand-new processing power, the HD2 has actually been geared up with a new a glass lens that’s two times as sharp as the previous model. The new interface has also had a total overhaul, making the video camera simple to use and removes the need for instructions.

Among the most hyped additions to the GoPro HD2 is future compatibility with the impending arrival of GoPro’s brand-new Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote, which will allow you to control the cam wirelessly and stream material live to the web, from just about anywhere.

Just like the HD, the HD2 comes in 3 variations. These are the Outdoor Edition, Motorsports Edition and the quickly to be launched Browse Edition, each including the required installs to get you working. In addition, the GoPro HD2 is also compatible with all existing GoPro installs and accessories, which readies news if you’re updating from an older GoPro model.

Naturally, HD2 includes a somewhat heavier cost than the GoPro HD, but for an electronic camera that loads two times the power while maintaining a sleek, lightweight design, it’s more than worth the investment.

In late 2009 came the GoPro HD Hero, a model that made history by claiming its place as the very first full HD 1080p helmet camera on the market, and continues to make headings today. The GoPro HD Hero’s success is perhaps down to its flexibility. In addition, the GoPro HD2 is likewise compatible with all existing GoPro mounts and accessories, which is good news if you’re upgrading from an older GoPro design.