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Interview with Naga Suresh, Senior Engineer, Aerospace

Genevieve: As an engineer working in the Aerospace domain, what do think are the main challenges faced today?

Naga: The present market scenario is very competitive and challenging. Customers today don’t look for partners who can solve just a part of the problem — they look for partners who can help them transform end-to-end using digital transformation techniques. The technology landscape is changing dramatically and engineering service providers are required to be constantly updated with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Genevieve: How do you exceed customer expectations, in such a complex environment as you mentioned?

Naga: My mantra to exceed customer expectation is to keep it simple. Before I try to exceed expectations, I manage the customers’ expectations first. I start by understanding what the customer’s expectations are. What kind of promises can I make to them and keep it too? Can I really have the entire team respond to their issue within an hour or will it take closer to 24 hours? I concentrate to keep expectations reasonable. There is nothing worse than overpromising and under delivering to the customers.

Genevieve: Sounds interesting. Could you elaborate the process a bit more?

Naga: We treat our clients as partners — we don’t like being called vendors because we see it as a truly collaborative partnership where we are both mutually invested. We begin by deeply immersing ourselves in the brand, culture, category, and audience, and then invite them for our workshop. We spend a few days heads down in a room where it’s our team and the customer’s stakeholders, and we really start to surface all of the critical information we need to know to get started on the right foot. We find that it’s also a great way for them to see what it’s like to work with us and a very efficient way to get everybody on the same page. Being agile also helps us to achieve an excellent customer relationship.

Genevieve: How has your experience working in the company been?

Naga: I have had a great experience of working in AXISCADES since for over half a decade. The company has not only given me shown me the opportunities but also opened doors for new learning. I got an excellent exposure in the aerospace segment when the company sent me to France to work out of the client location. The culture of co-learning and co-exist is the most attractive thing about this company. I love it when the company gives me the opportunity to train new team members.

Genevieve: Sounds like you have things sorted. What do you like to do in your free time Naga?

Naga: I read a lot. If I don’t update myself with the latest technology developments then I feel something is missing in life. Off late I have been keeping myself updated with the latest in augmented reality and virtual reality because that is where I feel the world is moving to. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence is the next big boom and I want to ensure that I don’t miss the bus.

Genevieve: Thank you for your time Naga!




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