3 Tips for An Awesome NYE!

The Best Champagne Money Can Buy!

A new year is upon us. With that often comes thoughts about the year that was and hopes for the year that comes. I have been writing this week about my desire to make 2016 a year of positive change, and tips for how to make your resolutions stick.

This post is not about any of that. This is about having a great time ushering in the new year. What follows are tried, true and tested steps/suggestions for ensuring that you have an awesome time tonight and make some history.

  1. Bring on the Andre! It is imperative to any New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebration that there is plenty of champagne flowing. It simply is not a NYE party without the bubbly. That is right, teetotalers! But it cannot be just any champagne. Some will suggest that this is the perfect opportunity to indulge. Cristal or Dom Pérignon. I disagree. You need to look to the bottom shelf of your local liquor store. That is where the true value and quality is. NYE is a marathon, not a sprint (more on this next) and you need to think quantity AND quality. This is why I recommend André Brut for your festivities. I promise you will not regret this decision in the morning, or ever.
  2. Get started early. Oh yes, you only get to celebrate the passing of a year into the next once a year. This calls for a good 8–12 hour celebration, with the latter being the ideal. Twelve hours of André Brut and you will fully appreciate the moment and the possibilities that lie ahead. But if you would rather save the Dré for the evening, I recommend starting your day-drinking with something heavier. Brandy Alexander’s perhaps, or dark ales for you silly beer lovers out there. Whatever you do, starting early will guarantee you will ring in the new year with the proper clarity, focus and appreciation the moment requires. I am an advocate of not eating once you have begun drinking, for obvious reasons, but that is a personal call.
  3. Skip the date. If you follow steps 1 & 2 above, you are setting yourself up for a memorable stroke…of midnight. Some will say NYE is a romantic date night that should be spent with someone special. This is wrong. NYE is an opportunity to make a connection you may have otherwise missed. Who is to say that the person closest to you that you grab and kiss at midnight is not your soulmate? Even if they are not, it is more exciting to go this route, plus it makes for a great story down the line. If you are married or in a serious committed relationship, you can still create some excitement. You can both drive to the party separately and while there, pretend that you do no know each other. You know, a little role-play. Then, when the party is over and you have finished making out, you can drive separately back home. Because you don’t want to have to drive back the next day to pick up the other car.

It bears repeating that these are tried, true and tested steps to an amazing NYE. In fact, these have been such successes for my friends and I that I felt compelled for the first time today to put my bottle of André down and share these wonderful tips with the internet. I hope wherever you are in the world and whatever time it is in 2015, you find this and get the party started. Happy New Year!

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