What Life Isn’t!

If materials and possessions are where you get your real meaning in life — then you will never have enough. You’ll always want more! If you get your approval from your own body and beauty, you’ll always feel inadequate and ugly!

We can do without it!

If you are a careerist, you’ll always compete with others, exhaust yourself and will never get where you want to be. If all you focus on is to be well educated, you’ll feel stupid and you’ll realise that is impossible to be one. The more you know the more you’ll know that you only know a little. If all you want in life is to have fun, you’ll always feel empty and bored.

That’s the truth. Life is larger than those things. Concentrate on the things that make this life matter the most; family, love, humanity, forgiveness, patience, kindness and all other things will fall into place.