Axolittles — Welcome to A New Era

The Axolittles community is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most welcoming in the NFT space — 32k+ active followers on Twitter and a discord that buzzes like no other. The project also has one of the most ambitious roadmaps and some of the top partners that any team could ask for.

Unfortunately, many of the active team & community members felt that the development and art roadmap was not being organized or funded in a sufficient manner given the team’s resources and promises made to partners and holders.

New Leadership & Community Handover

Given the above circumstances, n8 (active community member and major holder) approached the team and proposed that full ownership should be handed over to the community, with n8, Zeitr, and Krip taking the lead. The founding team agreed to the proposal.

As of today, the contract ownership and domain have been transferred to n8. Royalties from sales will temporarily be issued to a designated treasury wallet until a new multi-sig wallet is set up in the future to be controlled by the team.

n8, Krip, Zeitr and the existing community moderators will be continuing on as active members of the project. We will be evaluating current mods, contributing community members, plus additional others who may be interested in working on the reconstruction. Miniyami expressed interest in staying on as an art advisor to the project, to which we have agreed. He will no longer have a final say in decisions.

Effective immediately, the Axolittles team is as follows:


Next Steps

  • Reset expectations & update roadmap
  • Scale up team
  • Create multisig
  • Ship Axoquarium v1
  • All accumulated $bubbles will be honored
  • Begin rollout of community decision making
  • Launch staking contract V2 to fix gas inefficiencies

So… Finances?

As per negotiation, the founding team will retain all proceeds received up to this point. This means all operational costs will be run out-of-pocket until future sale royalties catch up. Team members have agreed to work pro-bono until landing upon dependable income streams.

Welcome to a new era for the Axolittles community!

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