Axonibyte Innovations: Our Mission

Caleb Power
Nov 7 · 3 min read

We launched Axonibyte Innovations, LLC to prove that a software company could exist that was ethical, profitable, and personable. We hit the ground running with three major goals in mind.

  1. We believe that research and development is key to the advancement of the human race. All companies have to be mindful of their profits, but many companies have slipped into mundane work — churning out the same old software, rarely making improvements. For those of us who’ve worked with the government, in healthcare IT, or with educational software, we know this to be true — software vendors offer patches to keep their software running on newer systems, but they seem to rarely offer innovative solutions to new problems. In contrast, our company’s ultimate goal is to become a well-respected research institution for computer science. Our research will largely be contributed to the open source community and toward software advancements for our clients.
  2. We believe that personable business relationships are vital. We believe that fully self-serviced portals are phenomenal tools for people and businesses who enjoy procuring their own services, but Murphy’s Law will inevitably kick in and many companies fall short when a client reaches out to them for help. We specialize in being the antithesis to Murphy’s Law (if something can go wrong, it will go wrong) and we do that by getting to know our clients and learning what their problems are, often providing a unique perspective on issues that can appear in the future. We refuse to be a faceless corporation; we want our clients to be able to reach us and get in direct contact with someone who can fix whatever issues crop up. When we build custom software, we make an effort to connect with the client so that we truly understand the software that we’re creating — and we encourage that they be involved throughout the software engineering process.
  3. We are a personnel-driven business. We believe in treating our contractors and employees with the respect they deserve. We work to be transparent about our finances with our personnel and we pay our personnel based on their skill and commitment alone — we strive to have no glass ceiling in our company; every developer is an equal person, not a drone. In addition, we reject the concept of micromanagement because we find that our personnel are more effective and productive when we’re not constantly looking over their shoulders. By doing this, we ensure that we provide high-quality software.
Axonibyte Innovations, LLC leverages its Research Division to generate innovative solutions. In turn, it is funded by the Service Division. This allows the company to keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge while remaining personable with clients.

Axonibyte Innovations, LLC may be a relatively new company, but our personnel have worked in a wide range of software domains over the years. We offer custom software and systems administration services for many different areas, including:

  • Full-stack web development (MEAN, MERN, LAMP, WAMP, Java-based, and Microsoft-based stacks, RESTful APIs, WebSockets)
  • Application and server software engineering (C/C++, Java, C#, VB, Elixir, etc.)
  • Database administration (MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, etc.)
  • Server systems administration (Windows, Linux — several different distributions, BSD, EOS.IO)
  • Mobile application development for Android and iOS (Kotlin, Flutter/Dart, React Native)
  • Healthcare/MMIS interoperability (HL7, ANSI X12)
  • Web automation / data retrieval

We also provide hardware solutions and have experience with the deployment of mainframes, cloud solutions, and general purpose blade servers. For any requirement for which we don’t have expertise (graphics design, social media management, KYC/AML, etc.) we have trusted partners that we will coordinate with so that our clients don’t have to lift a finger.

Reach out to us! We’re here to provide solutions to your business needs, so send us an email at

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