How to Hack Your Brain for Insane Focus and Productivity, According to Harvard Research
Elle Kaplan

  • First, inappropriate use of the word “insane.” As a brain cancer survivor I will say that my perspective is unique in this regard; as I had to make concerted changes to my process of thought in order to compensate for the newfound deficits I face. I did cognitive rehabilitation therapy as well as speech communication therapies to take advantage of neuro plasticity. I also engaged in physical and occupational therapy, and an exercise regimen through Livestrong at the YMCA. In my quest to rewire my brain I learned meditation and breathing via eastern martial arts including Qigong and Aikido. I have to say that my TBI traumatic brain injury has led me to a greater degree of controlled attention than before my brain cancer. Nothing focuses the mind like trauma sometimes for better. Because my balance and proprioceptive abilities were profoundly affected by my illness, I had to really become aware of the subtlest of changes in my perception of the world. I’m more in tune with my surroundings than ever before. Do I recommend brain cancer? No. Of course not. Trying to find the positive in adversity can lead to adept focus. It has to for survival to be made possible. A therapist said to me, “ attention is the oxygen of the brain.” And I have a saying I’ve been using for years now, “if you don’t pay attention, a tension will collect it’s debt.” -A.J. Ptak Anthony Ptak

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