Employee Experience: Free Lunch Won’t Cut It

Are your employees just simply “showing up” to work, producing just enough and slipping by?

Or are they showing up to work with a head full of steam, the mindset of a go-getter and constantly blowing up their expectations, month after month?

If your company is anything like the majority of companies in today’s economy, our guess it former.

As the totals come rushing in from 2015, these numbers should scare you.

It turns out an astounding 1/3 of employees are actually engaged at work, leaving the other 67% wasting their waking hours on social media, their smartphones or hanging around the water cooler.

However, the 1/3 that do produce, are even still at risk.

Talent recruiting is brutal nowadays. Companies are uber-hungry for potential staff members and like the football scout trying to sign the new superstar, fresh prospects can almost pick-and-choose where they want to work.

This being said, it is still up to you to keep them engaged in their field; If you think that bringing in free lunch each day and overwhelming employees with the facade benefit of ski passes or incentive trips is going to cut it, you are in for a painful reality check.

This tech-driven marketplace that we live in doesn’t help your cause either; Companies are almost willing to give money away to get more and more app developers signed up under their roof.

So, what’s the solution?

The proving ground for whether or not you are going to build culture of gladiators or a staff of pencil pushers lies in the way you as the business owner invest in your employees.

Provide them an employee experience at your workplace that is second to none and you will never have to worry about losing another employee to a competitor again.