Lower Back Pain at Work?

Fix This Nagging Problem By Following 3 Easy Steps

Research from multiple studies performed on the employee population in the US has uncovered some disheartening data about lower back pain.

This illusive work-based injury has crept its way into the top 3 reasons for why employees miss work; The other 2 being depression and illness.

Although depression, for the most part, can be ousted through following a regimen of regular exercise, proper nutrition, social interaction and appropriate medical attention, the general public is slow to say the same about back pain.

In some unique cases, back pain can be caused from an old injury or other natural causes that are out of the person’s control.

But the truth is, low back pain can almost always be cured by actually treating the problem, not treating the symptom. In most cases, the back hurts because someone is overweight, they sit for too long throughout their day, they are inflexible or a combination of the three.

If you fall into one of these categories, here are 3 ways you can get a jump start on curing your back pain for good:

  1. Get up and out of your desk chair more often throughout the day
  2. Start following a flexibility routine, such as yoga or another stretching regime that can be done at your desk or workplace
  3. Exercise regularly

In the articles following this one, I will dive into each one of these steps to show exactly how you should approach each one.