Your Benefits Suck — You Know That, Right?

How to Turn Your Company Around For Good

Your employees are your lifeblood. It’s not your product, your service or your next big idea that will make you your next million; It’s your people.

Sure, you could revolutionize healthcare with the next wearable or design the next big software platform in the social media world, but then what?

You need people, not products, to sell, represent and collaborate, pushing your business ever forward to complete domination.

It’s true; This type of mindset starts from the top and must be instilled in employees minds every minute of every day, but once your employees are bought in to your business model, how are you retaining them?

Employees love their benefits, plain and simple. In fact, some potential employees may take a lower paying job in exchange for the better benefit plan — But is it really a better plan?

Here are some ways you can tighten up the plans you offer:

  1. Use the HSA. Love the HSA.
  2. Capitalize on a wellness program
  3. Provide Education

HSA plans are still a little unknown in the employee space; A lot of employees simply don’t know about them nor the benefits that these hold. Some employers go as far as matching the employee’s HSA deposit limit each year — Free money that you can use at your discretion for anything health-related.

Pushing your employees towards this kind of option not only saves you money as the employer, but it requires your staff to take complete control of their health. Long gone are the days of going to the doctor when one gets the sniffles, and this plan provides the right type of freedom and accountability each employee needs.

A wellness program, conducted properly and efficiently, can save you and your employees thousands each year on health care premiums. Your insurance company doesn’t want you to know this, but after as little as 6 months of implementation, insurance premiums can be negotiated to as much as half the cost that they were before. The program must be data driven and results based and must operate on an individualized level; A program that we at Axum take substantial pride in being able to offer to our clients.

As humans, no one wants to do something they have to do and very rarely does it pay off to do something that we know nothing about. These two negative dogmas unfortunately work their way into open enrollment and health insurance options way too much and way too easily. As elementary as it seems, if you as the business owner offered the proper education and delivered it effectively, you would find that your people would begin saving you money right out of the gate, simply by focusing more on their nutritional, physical, mental, emotional and family livelihood.

Invest in your people. They drive your business forward and they push your product to the top, blowing your competition out of the water.

Benefits are only going to continue to get more and more confusing; Let’s simplify them.