A Very Good Email
Sara Mauskopf

I just created an account so I can congratulate you and Eric for this successful milestone on the #KillEricsCancer mission, he indeed looks very good despite all the treatments he is getting!, I’’ve been following your stories and Eric’s in the background mostly because I can relate with his fight, I have lost many relatives to cancer, none of then gave up, they all fight to the end with everything they got!, I can tell Eric battle is 60+% at his pocket so, I’’m very hopeful and happy for you guys, I know you can win. Currently my dad had prostate cancer, 2 years have passed since he had a radical prostatectomy, he has being active and strong from the beginning and continues to be every day!, he is 64 and counting!, well TL;DR I’m very happy to see Eric is getting better, if there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to say hello!.

Bye, Axzel.

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