What’s with the Recruiter Vs. Sourcer dilemma?

Working alongside brilliant professionals of Recruitment has given me some experience in understanding differences in this area.

One of the most intriguing of all is the comprehension of Recruiter and Sourcer profiles.

There are some people that defend the idea of a Recruiter as the knowledgeable one, who works with the hiring team to define a job description, negotiate hiring terms and most important, sources candidates in the beginning of the selective process.

This idea of profile, more generalist, seems valid. But maybe only in small, medium companies, that do not require strategic roles and challenging volume of work.

The Sourcer is the right hand of a complex process, that demands branding strategy, high engagement of candidates, continuous feedback and also understatement of the positions asked.

In my opinion, one does not live without the other!

While the Sourcer can participate in events, build a healthy pipeline and contribute naturally for an Employer Branding, the Recruiter has in its role the responsibility to influence decisions and also freedom to reinvent the process of interviews.

This partnership represents for me the true value of a more collaborative and productive recruiting team.

We can divide roles, without impacting the essence and purpose of the selection, aiming for a better candidate experience and delivery of great results for our companies.

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