As our reliance on cloud infrastructure increases and our social interactions become increasingly dependent on the internet, we worry more about data breaches in activities like online conversations and storing personal information on the cloud. Fully homomorphic encryption is a form of encryption that can tackle security issues arising from these activites.

Fully homorphic encryption is regarded as the Holy Grail of information security because it can protect the privacy of data while it is stored in the cloud or while it is in transit. At first glance, the word “homomorphism” might seem unfamiliar, but it is not! “Homo” means similar and “morphism” means change, and homomorphism consequently means a form-preserving map between 2 algebraic structures. Homomorphic encryption is a special method of encryption that allows mathematical operations on encrypted data rather than on its plaintext. This means one can perform these operations on the data and get the encrypted output without ever knowing what the data was. …

Hello friends of the internet!

So firstly, my name is Ayesha, a second year computer science student at the University of Melbourne in Australia. This year, very excitingly, I was a Hopper Down Under Scholar! I actually originally had wanted this post to be a video, but I figured leaving that for the actual conference would be better.

I’m writing this literally less than 12 hours before my flight, and I’m SO excited. I’m going to talk to you about the Hopper Down Under (HDU) attendance scholarship I received from, …

If you ever told me I’d be working as a research software engineering intern at a cancer research center over summer in my first year of university, I’d be in complete awe. Well, excitingly enough, that’s exactly what happened to me in the summer of 2018. I was not only selected to intern at Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Center under the UniMelb Center for Cancer Research, but found a family of teachers and mentors that would prove to support me after my internship as well.

And so, I’m going to take you on a journey through the process of the incredibly exciting (and sometimes daunting) project I worked on during the summer of 2018 with my team. …

‘Network security’ is an oxymoronic term as networks are an environment designed to share information. Networks are particularly vulnerable to attacks because most data transmission protocols (a set of rules which establish how computers communicate) are made to work instead of to work securely. An overwhelming majority of protocols are comparable to a door without a lock: they do their job indeed, but anyone can open it.

There are 3 types of data.

  • Data in local systems. Data in local systems are data stored in a file. They can be secured by encryption or restricted file access.
  • Data in process. Data currently in use which can be harder to secure as it is dynamic and changing within use of an application on the computer. …


Ayesha Ahmed

a techie with a dream | SWE intern @ Google ’19, ’20 | CS @ UniMelb | github: bladedancer-256 | twitter: bladedancer_256

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