The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Nahh, bullshit, you’re just a lousy writer and a homophobic one that uses LGBT characters only to promote his show. If you were a tolerant person or at least a good writer you could have foreseen the rage this stupid uncalled for death could cause. If you cared one bit you could have offered her a regular part in the series or you could have gave her a honorable useful death or simply be smart enough to know how to write her in the show in a way that can keep her free enough to do her other show, like with her and Clark in 2 different places, you could have her show in 2 episodes per season or something but nahh you chose the VERY easy and awful way out so you suck and that’s final and me and my friends are still boycotting your show, we didn’t even watch the finale with Lexa back, we saw the part when she did on YouTube later and we’ll continue ignoring your show.

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