CEO Snippets: Angela Brown, President and CEO of Moneris

Angela Brown is the President and CEO of Moneris, one of Canada’s leading payments processors. She has over 25 years of experience in the payments industry, having spent time working in senior leadership positions at MasterCard and CIBC.

Our conversation with Angela was full of advice, insight and perspective. The payments processing industry is a fascinating hub of innovation, in Canada and beyond. Angela shared how she provides her employees with a sense of purpose at work and empowers them to be innovative, creative, and collaborative.

“It’s just been endlessly challenging and interesting, and at the forefront of what’s going on in technology in general.”

Angela said that finding your passion can take time:

“I did not graduate from my MBA saying this is what I want to do, but you take opportunities as they present themselves and you start to discover where you fit and where your talents really seem to shine.”

Just like her passion, Angela’s leadership style evolved as her career matured. As a natural introvert, Angela had to develop the ability to work a crowd and be part of a team. Mentors played a critical role in her career development, and still do to this day.

Angela strongly believes that it’s all about balance:

“You are a better leader at work if you also have a very healthy personal life and balance that you create for yourself.”

It was a pleasure to produce this interview with Angela for The CEO Series. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Show Notes — Some Highlights

  • How are leadership styles different in the U.S. versus in Canada? [5:53]
  • How has the payments industry has evolved in the last 25 years? [8:23]
  • Are we moving towards a cashless society in Canada? [9:50]
  • The competitive dynamics in payments processing [11:23]
  • How Angela inspires innovation at Moneris [13:17]
  • Developing lasting strategies in a turbulent world [14:48]
  • The biggest strategic challenges that keep Angela up at night [17:06]
  • Transparency is critical for innovation and agility [18:28]
  • Passion: How Angela found hers, and how you can find yours [20:57]
  • Angela empowers her employees through collaboration and transparency [24:06]
  • Mentorship and reverse-mentorship [27:11]
  • The best piece of career advice Angela has ever received [29:20]
  • Work-life integration is more realistic than work-life balance [30:23]
  • How to develop presence and confidence [34:57]
  • Angela’s advice for young women who are still early in their careers [35:44]

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About CEO Snippets

This is the first article in a short series I’ll be publishing here and on LinkedIn. CEO Snippets will unpack the most interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking snippets of some of our CEO Series interviews. Our conversation with Angela shone light on payments processing, an innovative industry with vast business, legal, and social implications. Throughout this interview, I particularly appreciated Angela’s honest advice and reflection on career development, work-life integration, and self-confidence. This interview seemed like a natural starting point for CEO Snippets.

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