Why we decided to start a company that is preventing disease.

Ayaan Esmail
Nov 13, 2019 · 4 min read

Up to 40% of disease deaths annually in the US & Canada alone are preventable. That’s 22.67 million people. One of which could have been my mom. 2 years ago in December my mom fell ill with pneumonia to a point of near-death. Why? Because the doctors were unable to diagnose her early and didn’t give her the right medication for 2 weeks. This initially drove me to start working in personalized medicine, conduct a simulated experiment in the space, and deeply understand how this technology that could solve her problem. But in the summer, on days when I wasn’t working, I was shopping, and since shopping’s boring, I decided to talk to my Mom instead. One of the things I asked her during our shopping trips/philosophical expeditions while walking in a place full of teenagers, was what she wished was different about the process while she was sick? Her response:

“I wish I knew I was going to have this disease earlier so that I could either:

a.) Work with some smart healthcare person like a doctor to eliminate it before it occurs. Or…

b.) If worse comes to worst at least have the chance to mentally prepare myself for what could’ve lied ahead.”

As soon as I heard that something didn’t sit right with me. I started thinking more and realized that it wasn’t just her, but literally everyone who’s been through the experience of almost dying due to disease wishes that they could’ve predicted and eliminated the disease before it occurred. When you think about it, it’s more optimal to operate the healthcare system this way yet, less than 10 companies are working on this and none of them are leveraging all the new and exponential technology we have. And, if we look at the current preventative healthcare landscape; the problem isn’t even that we can’t predict disease, it’s that no one is leveraging exponential technology to predict a high amount of diseases accurately. Specifically, no one is taking in the trifecta of biomarker data from you: metabolomic, proteomic and genetic data.

Seeing what my mom went through made me have a huge eye-opener on the impact disease has in one’s life. Although I’m just a high school student, knowing that I’m working really hard to potentially create a solution to the currently broken healthcare system with today’s exponential technology; is the reason why I decide to wake-up every day and work on something meaningful. Something that’s going to change the way we view healthcare from curing disease to preventing it. That something, called Genis. (genis.ca)

How do we do it?

Instead of having you go to tons of different websites and labs to get your data and then try to figure out how to analyze it, all you have to do is sign up at our platform and send a request. Once you do so we aggregate data from our network of multi-national labs and send you a multitude of kits in which you can non-invasively provide your biomarker data by spitting in a tube, urinating in a bottle, and putting a swab to your inner cheek . Once you do so, you’ll send this information back to the addresses at the back of the kits which will allow our labs to provide us with your raw biomarker data.

From here, using past data from tons and tons of mass studies our algorithm then searches for specific genetic, metabolomic, and/or proteomic sequences that are in your data that also show up in the data of those who have had that disease/were susceptible and then ended up having it. We flag these sequences and the disease they associate with so that you end up with a report that looks like this:

It’s amazing to see the impact of what were working with on someone so dear to us, and words can’t describe how much happier we’ll be when more and more people in the world will also have the opportunity to predict and prevent disease with Genis.

When we think about preventative healthcare we don’t think about it as some futuristic concept, but instead as something that’s easily possible today. That’s what were proving, that with the technology were developing at Genis we can finally start to change the way our healthcare system operates. From reactive to proactive, helping you prevent disease so that sickness isn’t even a problem.Why is this so pricy?

Money doesn’t matter to us, if it did we would charge you way more than $1,100. Here’s the entire cost breakdown so you know where you’re money is going:

a.) Data. (Total Cost = $360)

b.) Analyzation. (Total Cost = $700)

Total Overall Cost: $1,060

Our Charge: $1,100

A difference of $40, that’s all the profit made from you once you pay. To compare it, the average Canadian salary is $55,806.40. $40 is 0.071% of that, we’re not even charging you for 0.1% of your salary!

Hope we were able to explain why we decided to start working on this and we’ll definitely keep you updated on the latest about our tech and the impact were creating!

If you ever want to drop a message/have a question please feel free to reach out to ayaanesmail04@gmail.com 😁

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