During these turbulent and unsettling times, many businesses don’t know what the future holds. Some are going through furloughs, pay cuts, and even layoffs while waiting to hear if and when they will be approved for a loan. Now more than ever, client relationships are crucial. With the economic turmoil and volatility our country is facing as a result of COVID-19, nurturing client relationships and generating new business is more difficult than ever.

We encourage you to take this time to maintain and strengthen your existing client relationships while you have some extra downtime during this period of social distancing. …

Create winning Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail campaigns on LinkedIn using these tips from an ex-LinkedIn employee.

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Sponsored Content is the best way to capture your audience’s attention on LinkedIn. Why? Your promoted content will flow organically (“native” in marketing speak) within the LinkedIn feed. Why does this matter? Instead of seeing those pesky, traditional banner ads, people will instead see what you are promoting directly within their feed. If done correctly, what you are promoting won’t even feel like an ad. Read on to learn how.

Creating Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

Every social media platform has its form of Sponsored Content (Facebook ads calls it ‘Sponsored Posts’ for instance). What is Sponsored Content? Native ads in the LinkedIn feed that allow you to target professionals with images, videos, and carousels fitting seamlessly into the LinkedIn feed. While crafting your LinkedIn advertising campaign in campaign manager, focus on the value it will bring your end-users to achieve a high click-through rate, increase brand awareness, and generate leads to maximize your ROI. Whatever your goal is you’ll want to follow these steps in order to set up your Sponsored Content posts. Each post needs a subject, ad copy (body), creative (image or video), and a link out to your landing page or a lead gen form for each ad you want to create. We’ve created a free ad copy template to help organize your thoughts and get you started. …

Become a master at LinkedIn marketing and generate high-quality leads for your ad campaigns. Read our LinkedIn advertising guide for exclusive tips from an ex-LinkedIn marketer.

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This is the question we receive most frequently when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn. Most of our clients are looking for more leads and in their past efforts have found LinkedIn advertising to be too expensive or too foreign to fully pursue as an advertising platform for lead generation. However, 58% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn ads deliver the best value, according to eMarketer, so we know it is the right choice for your business’ marketing efforts. …

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