I’ll give it to you; this title has its share of controversy.

Sure, this talk about self-love is a bit overrated. I believe the majority has seen right through the trend and went beyond the misconceptions, for everyone’s best interest.

Yet it seems to me that the trap of ‘“self-love culture” remains wide open and manages to propel so many of us…

Image by mostafa_meraji on Pixabay

I live for the strain, the pain and the sorrow

For the hustles and the burdens that I eagerly borrow

From the lambs. I feel as the hungry farmer

Shearing the pets, taking off their armor

Bringing lightness to the weak;

Indeed, there is nothing else I seek.

So take…

Ayah Choukri

A young writer, with a consuming passion for languages and a strong appetite for knowledge. I chase down humanity through my work and attitude.

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