This last week was spent preparing for our final presentation. I printed out our poster and my group hung it up in the hallway outside our class. We also spent a bit of time adding a few slides to our research synthesis and proposal presentation about our final prototype mockups in order to complete the final proposal. Below are the slides to the final presentation we gave.

Prior to Thanksgiving break, my group worked diligently to flesh out final prototypes and our poster. I mainly worked on the poster although I added a few tweaks to the design of my Experience spreads. I started out by laying information out that was taken from previous posters. …

This week, my group further fleshed out our designs for the prototype in preparation for a casual showcase of our book during class.

I continued to work on the design of the experience section from last week but also began work on the enter and extension portion of the book…

This week, we were preparing a prototype to present for user validation. My group split up tasks according to the 5 E’s of our storyboard which we all worked on over the weekend prior to Monday’s class.

5 E’s Storyboard

Although this storyboard wasn’t the final, my work here helped guide the group towards something that was more physical rather than trying to incorporate technology into the project since it might not be accessible to everyone.

The “E” I took over was “Experience” which meant the I was creating a section of the book that dealt with an activities list for bonding between foster parent and child. After some sketching of what this could look like, I realized I needed an organization method to categorize potential activities. I used a mind map that I kept changing to find the best categorization of activities.

This week in preparation for our round robin on Monday, my group split up tasks for the presentation slides. I was in charge of creating the typographic version of our brief presentation. This type study is a version of our project statement.

Grow Together is an interactive workbook that excites…

This week, my group has been finishing up our primary research. I created a google forms survey that Sukhi sent out to a foster parent Reddit group. The questions included in this survey asked about the background experience of the foster parents and about training.

Aya Kraimer

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