Circuit Rider — The Eighth Element Is…

ARKANOID — the inspiration behind life itself?

Working on this project has been a bit like taking off on a rocket ship. Since we began formulating in September 2016, we haven’t really looked back, cruising like a guided missile into the orbit of our VR dreams. Last week we beta-tested at Globacore Interactive Technologies and had some really great feedback into the elements we’ve been constructing and as the casting process is underway, we are getting to see the script come to life in ways we only imagined. It’s extremely gratifying to see things come alive off the page, and very addictive — you just want to keep creating and manifesting. It’s wild. On a personal note, I’m most excited to see who will be cast as the AI Voice in CR as well as Dr. Otto.

Director Elli Raynai with his Spectacles

Yesterday, I met Director and prime mover Elli Raynai at Ryerson’s Trans Media Lab to continue our work reviewing the Circuit Rider experience. I have to say, it feels very surreal and not a little disembodied to be wearing the Vive and hear people’s reaction to what I’m experiencing in the game. Onlookers comment and wonder what it is I’m ‘doing in there’, and I have to wonder the same thing.

You know you want IT

The Spectacles are no mere gimmick. First-person perspective memories generated hands free that feed to your snapchat account in bursts of 10, 20 and 30 second video. I love the parameters. The stream only lasts a day on your account, the memories shared with your closest and dearest. What’s rad is that the video gets saved to your camera’s photoroll.

Already been riffing on the idea of making a Spectacle film that is an event in itself — only exists to be seen for one day- then dissapears. I’d call it Memory Erasers or I Dissapear. (Obviously.) What’s super awesome is that the Spectacles are only currently available in select cities, purchased from a Robot-shaped vending machine (!!!).

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