Circuit Rider — Transmission 7 and 7 Is

Last night was the VR meetup at Globacore Interactive Technologies. Team Circuit Rider had the opportunity to present a beta test-drive preview to a well attended and informed group of commercial and artistic innovators, builders, developers and designers.

Director Elli Raynai and Technical Team and Designers Nicole Del Medico and Tristan Fields were on hand to help present the work-in-progress to an eager and psyched group of test drivers. There was a very informative presentation detailing the tool chain in photogrammetry going as well that I unfortunately couldn’t give all of my attention to. We were super pleased to see so many positive people come through and give us a few moments of their time so we could zap their brains with the worlds we’ve been building. What’s most exciting about presenting a work in progress to the public is knowing that there’s so much more work to do!

Director Elli Raynai and Circuit Rider Test-Driver
Team Circuit Rider: Nicole Del Medico, Ayal Senior, Tristan Fields, Elli Raynai

Sound Designer and Spatial Mixer Anne-Marie Ront and advisor and resident genius David Wyand were there in spirit as we presented the vision for a prototype that is building towards completion in February 2017. Test Drivers experienced two rooms, two worlds; the world of Circuit Rider and that of Trans Neuro Solution for several minutes and gave valuable insight afterwards. Very cool to meet Stephan Tanguay and some of the Globacore Interactive Technologies Team and check out their HQ at 90 Fraser Avenue in downtown Toronto on a rainy Tuesday night in December.

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